the spacewalkers foundation for extraterrestrial exploration and the circumvention of planned obsolescence.

Founded by BV Wolfgang and an ever-growing staff of dreamers, inventors, scientists, and artists, the Foundation aims to infinitely extend consciousness through art, philosophy, technology, and an impressive amount of Hologram Dogsβ„’. Our projects are predicated upon the belief that joy is not made to be a crumb. Are you a creative, curious person interested in joining the Foundation? Express interest here (currently closed), and don't forget your secret password. You are in the right place.

i don't like to read. can you summarize for me?

Absolutely! Let's dive in.

The Spacewalkers FFEEATCOPO | Jackpot artwork

🧩 Spacewalkers is a 100% DIY collective focused on bringing joy to a loving, uncynical public. Sound and music therapy is our current focus, and we write and produce music (mostly) in California bedrooms.

The Spacewalkers FFEEATCOPO

🎹 Spacewalkers wrote and produced a 13 song Existential Power Pop record called Pacifica, and you can listen to it right now. Written while BVW was battling a scary illness and inspired by 80s pop, 90s alt, and 00s dance punk, Pacifica's themes are hope, acceptance, and gratitude.

i want to go down the πŸ‡πŸ•³ and learn more. how can I do that?

We're glad you asked. You can start by reading BV Wolfgang's email to Foundation members announcing the album Pacifica in detail.

πŸ‘‹ Hi friend, I'm BV Wolfgang. I make music with The Spacewalkers Foundation for Extraterrestrial Exploration and the Circumvention of Planned Obsolescence. I know! It's a long name. Most kids just say Spacewalkers.🎹 I made an Existential Power Pop record called Pacifica about the mystery and magic of being human and how I'm learning that there's nothing bigger than the little things. Written while battling a scary illness and inspired by 80s pop, 90s alt, and 00s dance punk, these hopeful songs about death were made to help you feel better about oblivion.🎨 Pacifica is about acceptance, gratitude, and hope. About looking backwards and forwards while fighting to stay in the present. About the way my Dad played terrible air drums to 90s songs while driving and missing our exit. About my Mom working the graveyard shift and getting home just in time to drive me and my sisters to school. About trying to stay positive about illness, then feeling guilty when you can't stay positive about illness. About wondering how things would have been different if I answered Robbie's phone call. About how everything we've ever been on the way to becoming us, we still are. About knowing we’re floating through infinitely expanding black space with very little time left, but still getting frustrated when someone takes too long to order their coffee. About life after death. About life before death. About embracing that we're just here for a long weekend in the sun. About Love. About You.🧩 I'm tempted to say something sarcastic to soften the corniness above, but I'm fully embracing earnestness as the new punk rock. I think this record helps unlock that badge. Thanks for listening.BVW

remember when i said i didn't like to read? I was wrong. reading is fun.

Awesome! We're happy that you're happy. And now that you've discovered the joy of reading, you should sign up for our email list (or read a sample first). We'll keep your info safe. Pinky swear.

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