Founder, CEO, Bionanotechnologist
After earning his Ph.D in Bionanotechnology from Oxford at the age of 17, Baron von Wolfgang continued his quest to understand the structure and function of biological devices by moving to New Zealand under the tutelage of Kirby Miller. Here, Baron studied naturally occurring transdifferentiation in Turritopsis nutricula, more commonly known in recent media reports as “immortal jellyfish.” An avid tinkerer and animal lover, as a young child Baron built a robotic gorilla with highly accurate facial animations and mannerisms to serve as a cybernetic surrogate for parent-less primates at the Holy City Zoo in Doomstadt, Latveria. Baron founded TSFFEEATCOPO ten years after the death of his father, in an attempt to circumvent meaningless death through the digital preservation of personhood and the advanced modification of philosophy and technology.

bio_fgj2Director of Development and Head of the Human Papoose Project
After receiving her Ph.D in Computational Science and Engineering from Australian National University, Farrah spent two years as the lead research scientist at the New Zealand Cryonics Society while writing a technology column for the New Zealand Herald. After years of exhaustive research, Farrah concluded that cryopreservation through liquid nitrogen is an outdated, barbaric, and metaphorically medieval process that could be bypassed completely by advancements in nanotechnology and breakthroughs in digital preservation techniques.  Consumed by a fascination with linguistics from a young age, Farrah can speak eight languages fluently and has translated over seventy science books into Cantonese, French, and Hebrew. In addition to her normal responsibilities, Farrah also heads up the currently-in-development Human Papoose Project.

Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer
After meeting during a trip to deliver used text books to poverty-stricken, broken-down schools in the Yucatan, Dov and Baron bonded over a shared interest in bionanotechnology and trans-parallel travel through verbal osmosis. Receiving a doctorate in both Computational Biology and Atmosphere Ocean Science and Mathematics from MIT and NYU, respectively, Dov quickly realized that working for a large corporation left him feeling empty. Looking for a project where he could focus his creativity and imaginative problem-solving skills for a greater purpose, Dov’s chance meeting with Baron proved fortuitous for both parties after he joined the Foundation and brought new insights and application concepts to the future of nanomedicine.

Manager, Community Development
Born in Marrakesh, Morocco to English film-makers, Simon spent his formative years selling crafts and produce to fund his parent’s controversial documentary film series that exposed political corruption in Africa. After dropping out of the Moroccan school system, Simon galvanized the local community and lead numerous demonstrations and protests against the local government and police system. Once identified as the leader of the community uprising, Simon’s parents were targeted in an attack and murdered in their home. Fleeing Africa for his safety, Simon met Baron during a freestyle bicycle race in Antwerp, Belgium, and maintained a personal relationship that blossomed into a professional agreement. Simon is a committed bicycle rider, and dreams to ride his bike for a distance of 1,000 miles on every continent.